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  • Luxury Yorkshire Lamb Pack

    Genuinely until you try our Yorkshire Lamb you will never fully appreciate what you are missing out on. Grass Fed Yorkshire Lamb tastes exquisite and now you get the finest selection all in one place.

    This pack consists of –
    2 x Lamb Shanks
    2 x 8oz Lamb Rumps
    1 x 500g Diced Lamb
    1 x 500g Minced Lamb
    2 x 8oz Lamb and Mint Burgers
    2 x 4 Rib Rack of Lamb French Trimmed
    1/2 Leg of Lamb (Boned & Rolled)

    Allergen information – Gluten, Mustard, Sulphite & Celery

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  • Sale! R&J-finest-4-rib-rack-lamb

    Yorkshire’s Finest 4 Rib Rack of Lamb (Pack of 2)

    Often renowned as the most prestigious cut of lamb. Racks have it all; beautifully soft creamy fat, incredibly tender loin eye of meat and the enhanced appeal of looks and flavour with it being cooked and eaten on the bone. Found in the upper section of the saddle, or middle of the lamb, directly behind the shoulders.

    Pack weight to range between 700-780g

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  • Sale!

    Yorkshire Grass Fed Lamb Cutlets- French Trimmed

    There really are a true delight. Beautiful chunky cut lamb cutlets comprising of melt in the mouth, juicy lamb loin eye, attached to a single rib bone. These are quick cooking and so simple to eat.

    Literally just pick them up by the bone and devour!

    Pack of 6.

    Weight ranges between 520 – 570g.


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  • R&J-Lamb-shanks

    Yorkshire’s Finest 470g Lamb Shanks (Pack of 2)

    The true definition of comfort food. Perfect for long and slow cooking, these lamb shanks will guarantee juicy tender meat falling off the bone. Positioned between the knee and thigh of the animal.

    Pack weight to range between 900-960g

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  • R&J-finest-lamb-shoulder

    1kg Yorkshire’s Finest Lamb Shoulder B/R (Pack of 1)

    Truly stunning if braised long and slow. This boneless and rolled joint has a perfect ratio of super tasting meat to intense fat which naturally keeps the entire joint succulent during cooking. Perfect for a roast lamb dinner and many more uses including curries.

    Pack weight to range between 900g – 1kg

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  • R&J-lamb-henry

    Yorkshire’s Finest 400g Lamb Henry – Bone In (Pack of 2)

    A real honest cut of meat, sitting proud on any plate. Long and slow cooking will create a super juicy and flavoursome eating experience. Henrys are square cut, bone in, portions of the shoulder.

    Pack weight to range between 750-850g

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  • 8oz Honey Mint Glazed Lamb Rump (Pack of 2)

    Absolutely delicious on the grill or BBQ as an extra tasty mid week meal.

    Pack weight to range between 430 – 470g

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  • 8oz New Season Spring Yorkshire Lamb Rumps (pack of 2)

    These rumps are packed with super succulent and tender meat that tastes absolutely amazing. They are one of the most popular cuts on a lamb. Spring Lamb is truly delicious and we are very passionate about only selecting Spring lambs that have grazed on lush Yorkshire Grass pastures, giving the meat that beautiful full flavour. These meaty lamb rumps are very carefully prepared by our highly skilled butchers. Fully de-boned, trimmed, square cut and portioned to 8oz each. Totally delicious!

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  • R&J-finest-barnsley-chop

    10oz Yorkshire’s Finest Barnsley Chops (Pack of 2)

    A real show stopper. Made up of two pieces of lamb fillet and two pieces of loin, all delicately nestled on the bone. Found in the lower section of the saddle, or middle of the lamb, directly in front of the legs.

    Pack weight to range between 540-580g

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  • R&J-lamb-chops

    Yorkshire’s Finest 160g Lamb Chops (Pack of 4)

    A traditional favourite for many with a combination of beautiful loin eye and tender fillet. Found in the lower section of the saddle, or middle of the lamb, directly in front of the legs.

    Pack weight to range between 600-680g

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  • R&J-lamb-mince

    Yorkshire’s Finest Minced Lamb (500g Pack)

    Only the very finest quality of lamb cuts are used to produce this super versatile, extra lean and healthy product. Packed with loads of natural flavour it can easily be used to make burgers, meatballs, bolognese, pies and much more.

    Pack weight to range between 490-510g

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  • Sale! R&J-diced-lamb

    Yorkshire’s Finest Diced Lamb (500g Pack)

    Gorgeous hand diced cubes of ultra-lean shoulder of lamb. Loads of ‘lamby’ flavour and guaranteed to melt in the mouth after long and slow cooking. Perfect for homemade pies, casserole, hot pots and much more.

    Pack weight to range between 490-510g

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