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  • Spatchcocked Yorkshire’s Finest Poulard

    Everyone loves chicken, but more often than not; the wings, or legs you buy for the barbecue are not the best quality. As such we recommend you try and cook a whole chicken on the barbecue guaranteeing the providence and as such the welfare of the bird.

    These large chickens are perfect for 6 of you to share. Our free range slow grown chickens come from fine Yorkshire grass pastures, raised to the best possible standard over 90 plus days.

    We have spatchcocked these chickens for you; enabling you to simply, or extravagantly marinate these pre-cooking on the barbecue.

    • To cook on a barbecue: cook for 5 mins each side in the centre, then draw aside to the edges to cook on a gentler heat. Turn regularly. Baste in between with beer or water. To check that it’s cooked through, pierce with a knife between the thighs and breast bone: the flesh should be white and firm.

     Remove from the heat and leave to rest, covered with foil, for 10-15 mins. Cut into portions and enjoy!

    Any left overs make great salads

    Typical weight range 2.5-3kg

    Try next… If you have opted against the BBQ why not Roast Yorkshire’s Finest Poulard

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  • Minced Turkey (500g Pack)

    Minced Turkey is a mixture of both light and dark meat taken from both thigh and drumstick.

    It is a very versatile product that can be used to replace beef mince in recipes such as lasagne and chilli for an alternative flavour. As well as rolling beautifully into stuffing balls for your Christmas feast.

    Pack weight to ranges between 490-510g

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  • Turkey Escalope 7oz (Pack of 2)

    Our Turkey Escalope is lean, healthy and easy to cook.

    Perfect for you to dip in a beaten egg, coat in flour, bread crumbs and enjoy – Delicious!!

    Pack weight ranges between 350 – 450g

    Our Recommended Cooking Instructions:
    Pan fry in a little oil for 2-3mins per side until golden brown.
    Ensure that they are cooked right through.

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  • Yorkshire’s Finest Poulard

    *** Exclusive to  R & J *** Yorkshire’s Finest Signature Range Poulard, giving a fresh perspective on quality Yorkshire Chicken. You truly are in for a treat!

    These chickens are slow grown over 90 days plus. Reared in a high welfare, free roaming environment on Yorkshire grass pastures complemented by a natural cereal based diet grown on the Pollard family farm. This all contributes to an incredible depth of flavour and succulent texture that is second to none. This really is the ultimate choice of poultry. Perfect for a special family Roast and start the week with a chicken salad and curry for dinner to make the easy Monday.

    Typical weight range 2.5kg -3kg

    Our Recommended Cooking Instructions:
    Cut the string and open the main cavity.
    1hr 50 – 2hrs10 at 175C in an open roasting tin.
    Please ensure that the juices run clear.


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  • Rolled Turkey Breast Joint (Pack of 1)

    An absolutely superb Free Range Turkey Breast joint, boned and rolled providing 100% succulent and delicious meat.

    The perfect choice for those who want a Turkey dinner but without any waste.

    These stunning birds are sourced locally from Pollards of Thirkleby and are quite simply some the tastiest and highest quality birds you will find. Not only do they rear their own turkeys, they also grow their own crops to feed these incredible, free roaming birds.

    Pack weight to range between 2.5kg -3kg.

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  • Turkey Thighs (Pack of 2)

    These boned and rolled turkey thighs are taken from the superb Free Range Turkeys sourced locally from Pollards of Thirkleby. They are incredibly meaty and flavoursome, not to mention versatile and are perfect for stuffing and roasting or dicing for use in those hearty casseroles and curries that we all crave during the winter and festive months. These turkeys are quite simply some the tastiest and highest quality birds you will find. Not only do Pollards rear their own turkeys but they also grow their own crops to feed them.

    Pack weight to range between 2.2kg to 2.8kg

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  • Turkey Paupiettes (Pack of 2)

    These fabulous little parcels are the perfect choice if you’re looking to try something a little bit different. Succulent Free Range Yorkshire Turkey Breast stuffed with Yorkshire’s Finest Cumberland Sausage Meat, Apricot & Apple, and wrapped in Smoked Streaky Bacon. All hand made in house, Gluten Free and absolutely delicious!!

    Pack weight to range between 450g-500g.

  • Whole Free Range Yorkshire Duck (Pack of 1)

    A superb, succulent and incredibly tasty bird, perfect as an alternative Roast. These free range birds have incredibly tender and flavoursome meat and skin that crisps perfectly. Locally reared by Pollards of Thirkleby, these ducks are second to none. They live a completely free range life, roaming the Yorkshire pastures and eating a diet of home grown grains and natural forage.

    Feeds approx. 6 people.

    Pack weight to range between 2.5kg-2.9kg

  • Boneless Skin On Chicken Thighs (Pack of 4)

    A very popular, versatile addition to your weekly shop.

    Pack weight to range between 600 – 700g.

  • Boneless Skinless Chicken Thighs (Pack of 4)

    A very popular, versatile addition to your weekly shop with the added bonus of being healthy too.

    Pack weight to range between 500 – 600g.

  • Chicken Fillets (Pack of 5)

    A truly super and versatile product, not to mention really healthy! Skinless and boneless.

    Pack weight to range between 1085 -1165g

  • Chicken Legs (Pack of 4)

    Super tasty dark meat, packed with juiciness, not to mention the amazing crispy chicken skin. Perfect for family dinners or the BBQ.

    Pack weight to range between 1150 -1230 g (Pack of 4)