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  • Chicken Fillets (Pack of 2)

    A truly super and versatile product, not to mention really healthy! These are expertly removed from the crown by our master butchers and the skin is removed to give perfectly plump and easy to use fillets. We only source our chickens from the very finest local farms.

    Pack weight to range between 400-480g

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  • Chicken Legs (Pack of 2)

    A good leg really takes some beating! All that super tasty dark meat, packed with juiciness, not to mention the amazing crispy chicken skin. Perfect for family dinners, the BBQ or even a stylish Coq au Vin dinner party. These large meaty legs are sourced locally from the very finest birds.

    Pack weight to range between 400-480g

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  • Diced Chicken Fillet (500g Pack)

    This is carefully hand diced by our master butchers into beautiful cubes of perfectly trimmed, ultra-lean fillet. It is absolutely ideal for curries, casseroles, salads, pies and much more. A truly super versatile, and not to mention really healthy product! All of our chicken is only sourced from the very finest local poultry farms.

    Pack weight to range between 490-510g

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  • R&J-whole-chicken

    Herb Fed Whole Chicken (1 x 2kg)

    A large succulent bird with a delicious depth of flavour. These birds are reared foraging in the fields in Yorkshire and feeding on an abundance of locally grown herbs. They really do take free range to the next level.

    Pack weight to range between 1.8-2.2kg

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  • Yorkshire’s Finest 8oz Cajun Chicken Burgers (Pack of 4)

    If you fancy a change from beef, these lightly spiced Cajun, lip licking chicken burgers are the ones for you! Made using only the very finest breast and thigh meat, carefully prepared and blended with a delicate mix of Cajun seasoning. These really will ignite your taste buds. Perfect for oven, pan, grill or BBQ cooking and suitable for all ages.

    Allergen information – contains gluten and celery.

    Pack weight to range between 860-940g

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