Signature Salt Aged Range

We don’t like to stand still for very long at R&J and always try to stay at the forefront of the industry. In 2015 we moved our goal posts and upped our game. Some believed it was an impossible feat to produce beef that was superior to the Waterford Farm Signature Range, but we did it!


We were the first butchers in Yorkshire to launch our own Salt Aged Range. In June 2015, after 60 days of maturation in our Himalayan Salt Chamber, our first customers took receipt of our Signature Salt Aged Beef.


The imported Himalayan Salt doesn’t act directly on the meat. It alters the environment taking the Dry Ageing of beef to a whole new level.


There aren’t many butchers that play such a key role in each stage of the production process, but we do! We take great pride in every step, from the initial selection of our cattle through to presenting our beef to chefs. The end result is quality, consistency and no compromise!


Our Signature Salt Aged Range has similar distinctive features to our Signature Range but our Salt Chamber intensifies the flavour of beef further. All Salt Aged Beef is selected based on its live conformation. Only beef that fits our strict requirements will enter our bespoke Salt Chamber because this leads to the consistency which we are regularly commended upon.


Try some of our Signature Salt Aged products for yourself – available from our online shop.