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  • Ox Cheeks

    Ox Cheeks (Pack of 2)

    Ox Cheeks are a true delight.

    They are not actually from an ox though,  but that is what cattle offal is generally named.

    Yorkshire beef is some of the finest in the whole of the UK. Selected from herds across this large historic county. Here at Waterford Farm, we farm our own special Grass-fed, slow-grown cattle. We farm and age native and continental breeds. As a result, we can meet the various demands of our chefs. Secondly, we have a fantastic network of farmers who all supply us with incredible grass-fed beef.

    Pack weight range between 440 – 520g.

    For the Cooks;

    Our dear Friend Tommy Banks provides a delicious recipe idea for you here.

    Our recommended cooking instructions:
    • Firstly, bring your Ox Cheeks to room temperature
    • Season and then brown in a casserole dish. Once browned remove and set aside.
    • Meanwhile, pre heat your oven to 150c
    • Add a sofrito till softened, and then add a bottle of wine, some beef stock, and a bay leaf.
    • Place in the oven for 3-4 hours till they fall apart with a spoon
    • Most importantly, enjoy

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  • Macsweens Vegetarian Haggis Log 400g

    Let’s celebrate Burn’s Night this January!

    The best authentic Scottish Haggis available.

    A true Scottish recipe consisting of a careful blend of healthy, fresh vegetables, spices, seeds, oatmeal and pulses.

    A desirable taste for vegetarians, vegans and meat lovers alike.

    Pack weight 400g e.

    Serves 2 – 3 people

    Allergen information – contains gluten.

  • Natural Macsween’s Haggis Ball 454g

    Let’s celebrate Burn’s Night this January!

    The best authentic Scottish Haggis available.

    A careful blend of meat, spices and oats to give a full, warm, earthy flavour. An excellent source of iron and fibre and 100% free of colourings, flavourings and preservatives.

    Pack weight 454g e

    Serves 2 -3 people

    Allergen information – contains gluten

  • Round Black Pudding (Pack of 4)

    An incredible breakfast accompaniment.

    Easy to cook, either pan fry, grill or bake in the oven

    Allergen information – contains Gluten

  • Doreen’s Black Pudding

    Doreen’s Black Pudding (Pack of 3 slices)

    Doreen’s Black Pudding is a multi-award-winning Black Pudding handmade by the Haigh family here in Yorkshire.

    The recipe is a closely guarded secret and was devised by Doreen Haigh over 30 years ago.

    Blood or black puddings are often considered to be one of the oldest forms of sausage. Animals are generally bled at slaughter, and as blood rapidly spoils unless prepared in some way, making a pudding with it is one of the easiest ways of ensuring it does not go to waste. Dried Pigs blood is combined with a mixture of barley, spices and herbs, The black pudding is then baked, subsequently producing a much stronger flavour compared to when it is boiled. Moreover, this gives the puddings a drier, meatier texture and flavour. The triangular shape is consequently unique to Haighs.

    Black Pudding makes a wonderful component in a full English breakfast when combined with bacon and sausages. Likewise, It also makes a great starter when served with scallops or other seafood.

    Allergen information – contains gluten, barley and soya

    Pack weight to range between 300-350g. 3 slices included.

    Our Recommended Cooking Instructions:
    • Simply fry Doreen’s Black Pudding in some oil/butter and/or place in a warm oven for around 6 minutes till warmed through.

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