Sustainability Packaging

R & J are now using Eco-Pack supplied by the industry leading Woolcool. Our new liners are not only fully reusable and recyclable but biodegrade at the end of their useful life.


Wool is a sustainable natural materials, being available in abundance as a by-product of rearing sheep. Wool is an amazing Smart Fibre: not only is it natural and sustainable, but is a superior insulator.


The wool insulation is totally compostable and biodegradable, releasing valuable nitrates back into the soil.


To get the most out of this packaging we invite you to return your wool liners for FREE.


1, Tick the “I’ve got something to return box” during checkout and your new R & J delivery will contain your return label.
2, Fill your old R & J box with liners (A minimum of at least 10 liners will be accepted.)
3, Tape the box when you can’t get any more in!
4, Check the DPD website to find one of the nearest DPD pick up shops to return your box, 
5, Sit back and know that you have done a really good deed today!