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  • R&J-signature-topside-joint

    2.25kg Topside Beef Joint (Pack of 1)

    A succulent roasting joint taken from the hind quarter of the animal. Ideal for a longer, slower style roast to give super cylindrical slices of hearty roast beef.

    Pack weight to range between 2-2.5 kg (Pack of 1)

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  • R&J-finest-beef-burgers

    6oz Beef Steak Burgers (Pack of 4)

    A perfect family favourite made using our family recipe passed down through the generations.

    Allergen information – contains gluten, sulphites and soya.

    Pack weight to range between 860-940g

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  • R&J-sirloin-steak

    8oz Sirloin Steak (Pack of 2)

    Sirloin, as the name suggests, is taken from the loin of the animal. A very popular steak and perfect for a meal for two.

    Pack weight to range between 430-470g

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  • Beef Brisket (Boned & Rolled)

    Some may think of this as ‘Old School’ but it is certainly making a fashionable come back. Absolutely perfect for long, slow cooking and to serve as hot roast beef. Alternatively allow to cool for sandwiches or if you are feeling adventurous, cure and make your own corned beef. This cut is made up of beautiful tender beef and a combination of soft fat which renders down through the meat during cooking to keep it super succulent and juicy. Taken from between the front two legs up towards the chin of the animal.

    Pack of One.

    Pack weight ranges between 1 – 1.5kg.

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  • Beef Short Rib (Jacob’s Ladder)

    These really are a hearty ‘slow cook’ show stopper! Consisting of several layers; directly on top of a gelatinous seam is the beautifully tender beef and below a heavily marbled mouth watering layer still attached to the two rib bones. Not only do you get a unique combination of textures, you get the added bonus of all the flavour from cooking this cut on the bone. After long slow braising you will be left with the most succulent, mouth watering and delicious beef which will naturally fall apart due to its tenderness.

    Approximate 4 – 6 people serving.

    Pack weight range of a Two Rib piece between 1.5 – 1.7kg.

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  • Grass Fed Yorkshire Beef Box

    We pride ourselves in sourcing the finest that Yorkshire has to offer and for any beef lover out there you really are in for a treat.

    This pack consists of-
    1 x 500g mince beef
    1 x 500g stir fry
    2 x 8oz flat irons
    2 x 8oz salt aged rib eyes
    1kg Sirloin Joint (Boned & Rolled)
    2 x 8oz Shin Cushions
    2 x Ox Cheeks
    2 x 8oz Black Angus Burgers

    Allergen information – Gluten, Soya & Sulphites

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  • R&J-finest-diced-beef

    Hand Diced Beef (1kg pack)

    Amazing hand diced cubes of beef. Perfect for homemade pies, casseroles, super comfort food and much more.

    Pack weight to range between 990 -1110g.

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  • R&J-finest-minced-beef

    Lean Minced Beef (1kg pack)

    An invaluable addition to the weekly shop; super versatile and extra lean.

    Pack weight to range between 990 -1110g

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  • Shin of Beef (Boned & Rolled)

    This cut really does pack some flavour. Made up of several muscles all joined together by gelatinous seams, all encapsulated by the most delicious soft fat outer layer. The colour of the muscles are deep red unlike the colour of a topside for example which is much more of a warmer red, but not let this put you off, it simply means more flavour. Perfect for slow cooking with the end result been incredibly succulent and a slightly sticky feel as it breaks down during cooking. Perfect for stews, braised beef dishes and amazing shredded for hot pulled beef- delicious!!

    Pack of One.

    Pack weight ranges between 1.5-1.8kg

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  • Sliced Roast Beef (500g pack)

    Perfect for sandwiches and salads. You cannot beat good quality Sliced Roast Beef.

    Pack weight to range between 490-510g

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  • R&J Beef Shin

    8oz Beef Shin Cushions (Pack of 2)

    Wow, this does pack some intense beefiness! Amazingly soft, gelatinous beef which will just naturally fall to pieces if braised long and slow. Taken from just above the knee on the animal. These really are beautiful daubes of lip licking tastiness.

    Pack weight to range between 430g-470g

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  • R&J Flat Iron Steak

    8oz Flat Iron Steak (Pack of 2)

    These super, succulent steaks are renowned for their tender juiciness. They are taken from the feather blade, which is a muscle nestled in the shoulder of the animal. Through very clever seam butchery these stunning, cost effective steaks are exposed.

    Pack weight to range between 430-470g

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