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Low & Slow

Great value cuts that are ideal for a low and slow cook. Prep them, put them into the oven with some stock and then come back to some delicious Stews and Sauces.

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Low & Slow

Great value cuts that are ideal for a low and slow cook. Prep them, put them into the oven with some stock and then come back to some delicious Stews and Sauces.

Great value cuts that are ideal for a low and slow cook. Prep them, put them into the oven with some stock and then come back to some delicious Stews and Sauces.

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  • Yorkshire’s Finest Ox Cheek (Pack of 2)

    A true Autumnal-Winter delight. So easy to cook. Simply seal and braise for several hours. Totally melt in the mouth, juicy, yumminess. So much beef flavour with lip licking satisfaction.

    Pack weight range between 440 – 520g.

    Our Recommended Cooking Instructions:

    Seal your beef cheeks in hot stew pan, place aside. Brown your vegetables and add some garlic and thyme, red wine and some beef stock and braise for 4-5 hours.

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  • Shin of Beef (Boned & Rolled)

    This cut really does pack some flavour. Made up of several muscles all joined together by gelatinous seams, all encapsulated by the most delicious soft fat outer layer. The colour of the muscles are deep red unlike the colour of a topside for example which is much more of a warmer red, but not let this put you off, it simply means more flavour. Perfect for slow cooking with the end result been incredibly succulent and a slightly sticky feel as it breaks down during cooking. Perfect for stews, braised beef dishes and amazing shredded for hot pulled beef- delicious!!

    Pack of One.

    Pack weight ranges between 1.5-1.8kg

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  • Lamb Breast Boned & Rolled (Pack of 2)

    A real Lamb Lovers treat.

    This lamb joint is made up of the brisket and flank of lamb, conveniently boned and rolled.

    We recommend you cook this joint low and slow.

    A very popular, beautiful alternative roast for Sunday.

    Pack weight ranges between 1.5-1.9kg.

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  • Beef Short Rib (Jacob’s Ladder)

    These really are a hearty ‘slow cook’ show stopper! Consisting of several layers; directly on top of a gelatinous seam is the beautifully tender beef and below a heavily marbled mouth watering layer still attached to the two rib bones. Not only do you get a unique combination of textures, you get the added bonus of all the flavour from cooking this cut on the bone. After long slow braising you will be left with the most succulent, mouth watering and delicious beef which will naturally fall apart due to its tenderness.

    Approximate 4 – 6 people serving.

    Pack weight range of a Two Rib piece between 1.5 – 1.7kg.

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  • 1.6kg Yorkshire’s Finest Belly Pork – Boneless (Pack of 1)

    Comfort food at its best. Contrasting crispy crackling and oozing, juicy meat which makes you just want to pick it up and eat it with your hands. Long slow cooking followed by a blast of high heat at the end will provide the best belly pork, guaranteed. Pack weight to range between 1.5-1.8kg

    Our Recommended Cooking Instructions:
    Pre heat the oven to 180c. For the best slow roasted Belly Pork lay the meat skin side up on a rack and a roasting tin. Drizzle with olive oil and rub with sea salt. Cook for 2.5hrs, taking the time to baste the crackling every 20mins. Remove from the oven and rest for 20mins.

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  • 8oz Beef Shin Cushions (Pack of 2)

    Wow, this does pack some intense beefiness! Amazingly soft, gelatinous beef which will just naturally fall to pieces if braised long and slow. Taken from just above the knee on the animal. These really are beautiful daubes of lip licking tastiness.

    Pack weight to range between 430g-470g

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  • Lamb Shanks (Pack of 2)

    Lamb shanks are the true definition of comfort food. Perfect for long and slow cooking, these lamb shanks will guarantee juicy tender meat falling off the bone. Positioned between the knee and thigh of the animal.

    (Pack weight to range between 900-960g)

    Your Farm Need-To-Know:

    Quality, British lamb is renowned for its succulence. We specialise in two particular lamb breeds; Texal, from the Netherlands, and a Belgian variant breed called Beltex. Both breeds are renowned for their outstanding muscle yield, fat ratio and flavoursome meat.

    We really care about our animals, and our lambs enjoy happy, healthy lives grazing on fresh grass and we buy them live from farmers in our cooperative. All our lamb is hung for a minimum of ten days so our customers receive the perfectly tender meat they rightly expect and deserve.

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  • Yorkshire’s Finest Rabbit

    Oven Ready Wild Rabbit is a great choice for braising in stews, casseroles and curries or simply roast on a bed of chopped vegetables. Rich dark and full of gamey flavour.

    Pack weight ranges between 1400 – 1500g

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