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  • Sale! Smoked Cull Yow Sausage

    Hot Smoked Cull Yow Sausage

    Hot Smoked Cull Yow Sausage is a sausage that doesn’t conform to the normals rules of saying ‘No’ to all things enjoyable and delicious.

    It is instead very much a sausage that says all things Yes! Yes, to Salt Aged Cull Yow! Yes, to Salt Aged Yorkshire’s Finest Beef! Yes, to Italian Pork Lardo! Yes to 4 hours of hot smoking by The Holy Smokery! Yes, to being Sustainable, and most importantly Yes, to being delicious!

    Each pack contains 8 sausages

    This is all part of our new project called ‘Wow Cull Yow’ that aims to get more people enjoying and eating Cull Yow/Mutton. The Wow Cull Yow project will also be documenting the benefits of working with what many farmers see as a farming by-product. We will be monitoring the regenerative benefits of farming Yows on our soil here and at other like-minded farmers who are working with us on this project.

    Our Recommended Cooking Instructions:
    • Put the Hot Smoked Cull Yow Sausage into a pot of boiling water for 2 minutes
    • Take out and then fry in a little bit of oil for a further 5-7 minutes, turning regularly
    • Use the remaining water to make a gravy
    • Enjoy

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  • Skosh Slow Roast Cull Yow

    Skosh Slow Roast Cull Yow Joint

    Our Third For the Cooks Project is Skosh Slow Roast Cull Yow.

    Produced by the Award Winning Neil Bentinck of Skosh, York. The recipe uses Neils’s approach to Himalayan Salt Aged Cull Yow.

    R & J have worked closely with Neil, supplying him in esteemed restaurants such as Northcote, Pipe & Glass and The Star Inn at Harome & Van Zeller’s. Subsequently, Neil opened Skosh in 2016. The restaurant has gone on to win many awards, helping place York firmly on the culinary map.

    Approx 1.5kg piece of boneless Cull Yow shoulder or leg

    Our Recommended Cooking Instructions:

    Neil Bentinck’s Slow Roast Cull Yow with ‘Pepper fry’ sauce, Pickled onion & Pomegranate

    ‘This rich and peppery curry recipe sure livens up the old taste buds! With fresh, colourful accompaniments, it’s a great alternative to your traditional Roast Meats!

    ‘Pepper fry’ is a south Indian curry from The Keralan region, traditionally using beef but works fantastically with other strong rich meats such as Cull Yow. The curry would always be served as a one pot dish, meat and sauce together, but at the restaurant, we separate the 2 to allow the full flavour of the fantastic meat and fat to shine through but still allowing the flavours to complement each other. This recipe is great served with some traditional Indian breads too – I prefer parathas or chapattis.

    The Skosh Slow Roast Cull Yow recipe serves 4 – 6 people, to receive the full recipe card please order and we will post it with the joint.

    Click here for the ingredient list

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