Waterford Cattle Stretch their Legs

Spring has sprung at R&J and the Waterford cattle have now been let out to graze the lush green pastures.

We are keen to get the Waterford cattle out as soon as the sun shines and just like us they really appreciate the opportunity to stretch their legs when the weather changes. It is a great feeling turning the Waterford herds out to grass.

Waterford cattle are gradually turned out in small groups over the course of two to three weeks to reduce stress to the livestock. Aged from approx 12 months upwards, they will remain at Waterford Farm on a low intensive grazing system for at least the next 12 months.

Two weeks after being let out they will have lost their winter coats and have given themselves a thorough clean ready for summer.

That is the way we farm and that is the way we will always farm!

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