Spring Lamb Now Available

Delicious Spring Lamb is now available to buy from R&J Yorkshire’s Finest Farmers and Butchers. All of the lamb supplied by R&J is farmed by ourselves at Waterford Farm, the family farm for the last four generations, or by one of our cooperative farmers within our local area.

All of our cooperative farms are very carefully selected according to the welfare and management of their livestock and land. They have the same high standards that we have in place on our own farm. We pride ourselves on supplying open pasture reared, low intensity livestock and this is no exception with all the lamb, hogget and mutton we provide.

Spring Lamb is available typically from the end of May/June having been born January/February. All of our Spring Lamb is initially reared on their mother’s milk and then naturally weaned across onto grazing on the rich grasses and clovers in our pastures. These conditions lead to the finest succulent flavour of Spring Lamb available.

Spring Lamb is a major part of the food calendar with the increasing popularity of seasonal produce. Rob, founder of R&J, plays a critical role in personally hand selecting all of the Spring lambs on a weekly basis. This ensures only the absolute finest of quality lamb is selected and equally as important, the consistency of them is perfect.