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From the Dales, the Moors & the Vales, straight to your door.

We are #Yorkshiresfinest

We are a family farm and butcher that farms in Nidderdale, with an informal co-op of farmers supplying us from across the Yorkshire Dales, Moors and Vales.

Our family has farmed in Yorkshire since the 1850’s. All of our farming is based on a Low and Slow process; Grass fed or free range, and using traditional and contemporary hanging and curing techniques, that help set us apart from your ordinary butcher!

We supply some of the best restaurants, pubs and hotels across the country whilst also now offering our amazing product to the home cooks amongst you.

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  • Salt Aged Full Fore Rib of Beef (Pack of 1)

    A Show Stopping Roasting Joint. From Sunday lunch to hosting a Dinner Party this will make a truly magnificent center piece. This beautiful piece of Grass Fed, Yorkshire reared Beef has been Himalayan Salt Aged for 5-6 weeks. This Beef will therefore have unbeatable taste and tenderness with a super depth of flavour and incredibly ‘buttery’ fat.

    This Rib has been very carefully removed from the chine and plate bone. It has then been tied back in place for roasting. For ease of carving, simply snip the strings and lift the entire piece away without having to contend with the bone.

    Feeds approx. 10-12 people

    Pack Weight to range between 6.5-7.5kg.

    Our recommended cooking instructions:
    Allow to come to room temperature. Pre-heat the oven to 220C. Seal the rib in a red hot pan on all sides. Place in the oven for 15mins per 500g for medium rare. Turn down the oven to 170C after the first 15mins. Rest for at least 30mins and enjoy..

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  • Large Free Range Turkey (8.1kg – 10kg)

    These Large Free Range Turkeys have been raised over the past year in the Vale of Mowbray. They have exceptional taste and will feed a large family.

    Yorkshire’s Finest Free Range Turkeys are reared by the Pollard family at Thirkleby. The birds are commended by many for their amazing flavour. The Pollards have been farming in Thirkleby since 1901 specialising in Poultry since the 1980s. They control every step of the Turkeys life, ensuring a sustainable, ethical top quality product.

    Having worked closely with The Pollard’s for several years now we believe these truly are the best quality turkey available. They farm a hardy Wirral White Turkey that as can withstand our early winters. The Turkeys have plenty of pastures to forage and graze on. This active life produces wonderful meat with the ideal amount of fat covering that helps produce a delicious Christmas centre piece.

    A wonderful stuffing can be made using our Sausage Meat.

    Pack weight range between 8.1 – 10kg. Will serve 10 – 15 people.

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  • TRUEfoods Turkey Gravy (500g Pack)

    TRUEfoods sauces allow you to have restaurant quality in your home.

    Here at R & J, we pride ourselves on offering you only the best from local suppliers. We believe these sauces and stocks are the finest available and are a convenient addition to any plate.

    Perfect to complement your festive feast, this restaurant quality turkey gravy made from pure stock and a drop of white wine.

    Allergen information – contains sulphites

    1 pack contains 500g.

    Keep refrigerated below 5C.

    Suitable for home freezing.

    Try an alternative… Take a look at our full offering of 

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For the Cooks

  • Yorkshire’s Finest Ox Cheek (Pack of 2)

    A true Autumnal-Winter delight. So easy to cook. Simply seal and braise for several hours. Totally melt in the mouth, juicy, yumminess. So much beef flavour with lip licking satisfaction.

    Pack weight range between 440 – 520g.

    Our Recommended Cooking Instructions:

    Seal your beef cheeks in hot stew pan, place aside. Brown your vegetables and add some garlic and thyme, red wine and some beef stock and braise for 4-5 hours.

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  • Woodland Porchetta

    We now have two fantastic suppliers of Woodland pork available. Farmed here in Yorkshire in both the Vale and the Dales, our suppliers take advantage of the variable terrain of this fine county. The pork is some of the tastiest free range pork available and is perfect when rolled and made into a Woodland Porchetta.

    Porchetta is famed across Italy, with different regions favouring different flavourings. It is so cherished it has its own festival with chefs competing to make the best Porchetta.

    At R&J we have gone with a traditional flavouring as picked by our head Butcher. It is closer to the Abruzzo region flavourings as we have added fennel, rosemary and garlic.

    This amazing joint can be barbecued or cooked in the oven. It is great for large gatherings, as all you need to provide is some good bread rolls to pack the Porchetta into. It is also great as a Sunday Roast, just make sure you save some for those essential Woodland Porchetta sandwiches the next day!

    Weight range is 2.8 – 3.4 kg

    If you want to try more food from this famed region of Italy why not try our Lamb Arrosticini


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  • Sale!

    Chateaubriand (Pack of 1)

    A true stylish sharing steak is taken from the top end of the full fillet. These are perfect for a fine dining experience offering incredibly tender and lean beef.

    Pack weight to range between 450g-500g

    How to cook:

    • Bring steak to room temp (1 hour)
    • Preheat oven to 180c
    • Get a cast iron pan super hot (open windows) add some beef dripping
    • Season your steak very well with salt
    • When dripping melted and pan smoking, cook your steak and brown on all sides, allow a crust to form around the whole of the steak.
    • Put in the oven for around 16 minutes, turning over after 8.
    • Take out of the oven and use a probe to check internal temp around:
    • rare 45°c to 50°c
    • medium rare 50°c to 55°c
    • medium 55°c to 60°c
    •  medium well 60°c to 65°c
    •  well 65°c to 70°c
    • Rest for 20 more minutes on a grate. Cut and serve
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Sunday Roasts

  • Yorkshire’s Finest Poulard

    *** Exclusive to  R & J *** Yorkshire’s Finest Signature Range Poulard, giving a fresh perspective on quality Yorkshire Chicken. You truly are in for a treat!

    These chickens are slow grown over 90 days plus. Reared in a high welfare, free roaming environment on Yorkshire grass pastures complemented by a natural cereal based diet grown on the Pollard family farm. This all contributes to an incredible depth of flavour and succulent texture that is second to none. This really is the ultimate choice of poultry. Perfect for a special family Roast and start the week with a chicken salad and curry for dinner to make the easy Monday.

    Typical weight range 2.5kg -3kg

    Our Recommended Cooking Instructions:
    Cut the string and open the main cavity.
    1hr 50 – 2hrs10 at 175C in an open roasting tin.
    Please ensure that the juices run clear.


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  • 2.7kg Signature Sirloin Joint (Pack of 1)


    Sirloin, as the name suggests, is taken from the loin of the animal. Beautiful if cooked as a steak but equally as good if roasted. Easy to carve with minimal wastage, maximum effect and an abundance of tasty tenderness.

    Pack weight to range between 2.5-2.8kg

    Our recommended cooking instructions:
    Allow to come to room temperature. Seal the beef fat side down in a hot pan and roast in the oven at 180C for 15mins per 500g for Medium Rare. Rest for 30mins and enjoy.


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  • Yorkshire’s Finest 21 Day Himalayan Salt Aged Carvery Cut Leg of Lamb

    Incredible Yorkshire’s Finest 21 Day Himalayan Salt Aged Yorkshire Leg of Lamb, Bone In and Carvery Cut.

    Lamb is springing into action this time of year and what better way than with this truly tasty Carvery Cut.

    Presented in the only way we know as Yorkshire’s Finest.

    Pack Weight ranges between 2.4-3kg to feed 6 – 8 people.

    Our Recommended Cooking Instructions:
    Allow to come up to room temperature. Place fat side up in an open roasting tin.
    For medium, place in the oven at 230C for 15mins, then reduce to 180C cooking 25mins per 500g.
    Allow to rest under foil for 20mins.

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Butchers Shop

  • 8oz Salt Aged Sirloin Steak (Pack of 2)

    Sirloin, as the name suggests, is taken from the loin of the animal. Sirloin consists of a top layer of beautiful flavoursome fat and quite often marbling running throughout the soft, tasty meat.

    Pack weight to range between 430-470g

    Our recommended cooking instructions:
    Allow to come to room temperature. Heat the pan to red hot. Place the steak carefully into the pan and cook for 1.5mins on each side for medium rare. Remove and rest for about 10 minutes then enjoy.

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  • Rack of Lamb (Pack of 2)

    Rack of lamb is often regarded as the most prestigious cut of lamb. Rack of lamb has it all; beautifully soft creamy fat, incredibly tenderloin eye of meat and of course looking like an absolute show-stopper. Found in the upper section of the saddle, or middle of the lamb, directly behind the shoulders, rack of lamb is perfect oven-cooked, barbecued, or even pan-fried.

    (Pack weight to range between 700-780g)

    Our recommended cooking instructions:
    Allow to come to room temperature. Seal the fat side first in a very hot pan, then the two ends and place in the oven at 180C for 20mins for Medium rare. Rest and enjoy.

    Your Farm Need-To-Know:

    Quality, British lamb is renowned for its succulence. We specialise in two particular lamb breeds; Texal, from the Netherlands, and a Belgian variant breed called Beltex. Both breeds are renowned for their outstanding muscle yield, fat ratio and flavoursome meat.

    We really care about our animals, and our lambs enjoy happy, healthy lives grazing on fresh grass and we buy them live from farmers in our cooperative. All our lamb is hung for a minimum of ten days so our customers receive the perfectly tender meat they rightly expect and deserve.

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  • Pork Tomahawk Steaks (Pack of 2)

    “This cut of pork is an absolute treat!! “

    The Pork Tomahawk Steak is a pork loin chop with some of the rich and succulent belly left on.

    Sold with the rind on to retain the juiciness during cooking.

    A stunning pork cut.

    Pack weight ranges between 830- 970g.

    Our Recommended Cooking Instructions:
    Our Pork Tomahawk can be grilled or pan fried on a medium heat for 20-25mins. Leave the rind on during cooking will keep the cut juicy and moist.

    Allow to rest for 5mins before serving.

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We will also focus on produce that is not currently featuring on the menus of the many great chefs who we supply. As nose to tail butchers, this means we are able to offer you the cooks; some incredible, yet currently not on trend cuts and joints at great prices for you to enjoy at home.

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