Waterford Farm

R&J Yorkshire’s Finest proudly graze a selection of cattle here at Waterford Farm.

Waterford Farm uses a mob grazing system, managed by Rob Atkinson, who pays intricate attention to the quality of the grass, clover and soil quality on each of his fields.

Currently our fields are full of white clover and various grasses which some of our Angus X are very happily grazing on. The fields have had a natural fertiliser on them, produced by over wintering our cattle in our cow’us. This natural fertiliser helps create a rich field network that is alive with additional wildlife, wildflower, and plenty of insects.

We think Waterford Farm is a very special place, and we always welcome our chefs to come and have a look around. There are also plenty of lovely footpaths around our farm and village we are based in. These are perfect for any of our lovely click and collect customers to come and enjoy whilst waiting for an order.