Perfect Weather for Ducks

2nd of July and it feels more like humid April showers than our glorious British Summer. Then again it would traditionally be the Wimbledon fortnight right now so perhaps the weather is right on cue.

So as the saying goes, this is the perfect weather for duck(s).

At R & J Yorkshire’s Finest Farmers and Butchers we work closely with farmers within the local area to supply us with the finest that Yorkshire has to offer. For nearly a decade now The Pollard Family at Thirkleby produce the most amazing succulent turkeys and also duck that is genuinely out of this world, exclusively for us.

Planning is key to success. A popular treat pre-covid on various menus of dining establishments that we supply was Yorkshire’s Finest Himalayan Salt Aged Duck . To ensure that supply is perfect a lot of numbers are crunched to meet supply allowing for hatching and rearing through to ageing in our bespoke Himalayan Salt Chamber (We think the only two storey chamber in the world and definitely Yorkshire’s Finest?!).

As with all livestock, the perfect finishing is essential. When it comes to poultry it cannot be more true. A process for our ducks normally takes approximately 3 months. Unfortunately no one gave us the nod in January that there was going to be a 100 day lockdown to our fine dining establishments in the middle of March. Livestock was still finishing in the perfect condition and this included Yorkshire’s Finest ducks with the rearing cycle in place.

The incredible poultry has therefore continued to finish in Yorkshire’s Finest style and we now have some amazing duck available to you. Some will be heading to the Himalayan Salt Chamber for restaurants across the country. Others are available to you either Online for Home Delivery or Collection or via our Pop Up Butcher’s Shop whether it be whole duck, breasts or legs.

Please remember Yorkshire’s Finest Butcher’s Shop at our site in Kirkby Malzeard is currently open Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday 10am – 2pm. We hope to see you soon!