Wild Venison

Yorkshire’s Finest Salt Aged Venison Saddles are currently on some of the most esteemed menus across the country right now. We source our Wild Venison from both the Western Isles of Scotland and from here in Yorkshire. These are then aged in our Himalayan Salt Chamber for the desired amount of time by our chefs.

Chefs understand the importance of cooking seasonally, locally and now, just as importantly sustainably. Venison is one of the most sustainable proteins and one that we are very proud to supply, especially during the Autumn months.

Unfortunately not many home cooks in the UK take advantage of this tremendous product. This blog is solely aimed at trying to encourage more of you to eat Venison, and here are 5 reasons why you should:

  1. Venison is incredibly tasty. We do not hang our venison for long, meaning it is not overly gamey, but still has a wonderful depth of flavour.
  2. Wild Venison is a super healthy protein source with high levels of Iron & Vitamin B.
  3. The UK produces plentiful amounts of wild venison, it is local and has a very low amount of food miles.
  4. It helps the environment and our ecosystem. Venison have no natural predators meaning their numbers are constantly growing. Venison numbers therefore need to be managed effectively to prevent an imbalanced ecosystem.
  5. Supply outweighs demand. A considerable amount of British Venison is exported to mainland Europe. We want to encourage more and more of you to give this wonderful product a go.

If you are still not sure about cooking our more expensive cuts of Venison, we have made some delicious, cheaper and family-friendly Venison products especially for you.

If you would like to try some Wild Venison please head to our shop here: