Hot Smoked Cull Yow Sausage

‘For many hundreds of years, mutton was the main form of sheep meat eaten in the United Kingdom. Yet over the past 40 years it has virtually disappeared from our shops and menus’.

What made this happen? In short, the invention of refrigeration on boats meant we could ship over cheaper lamb from New Zealand and Australia, pricing out the higher welfare and more flavoursome mutton. Then during the War, tales of awfully cooked mutton began to surface, creating the myth of it being tough as old boots.

Slowly since then, we have seen less and less of it sold and eaten. If you entered a supermarket you would probably only find haggis containing traces of mutton available.

However, Cull Yow has many benefits that we feel make it an incredible option as part of a balanced diet. Below are just a few of the reasons why you can enjoy this product.

  1. Cull Yow contains the highest amount of Omega-3 fatty acids in all the meats. Only beaten by oily fish.
  2. The Cull Yow food miles are closer to 15 miles rather than 11 000 miles for some lamb or other food imports such as avocados.
  3. It is also seasonal. Perfect to eat over Winter once farmers have identified which ewes are no longer viable for lambing.
  4. Finally it is quite simply delicious when cooked with tender, love and care…Perfect for these long winter evenings and Burns Night!

Hot Smoked Cull Yow Sausage

This is a sausage that doesn’t conform to the January rules of saying ‘No’ to all things enjoyable and delicious.

It is instead very much a sausage that says all things Yes!

Yes, to Salt Aged Cull Yow! Yes, to Salt Aged Yorkshire’s Finest Beef! Yes, to Pork Lardo! Yes to 4 hours of hot smoking by The Holy Smokery! Yes, to being Sustainable, and most importantly Yes to being delicious!