Yorkshires Finest

So what does ‘Yorkshires Finest’ actually mean?


When the company was established nearly 40 years ago by Robert and Jo,  R&J supplied top quality produce from their farm, co-operative farmers and suppliers throughout Yorkshire to their customers.
As the company has developed, the main focus and principles have remained the same;

QualityConsistency throughout and No Compromise

We strive vigorously to endeavour to provide this service to meet our customers’ needs and this has resulted in a great demand in the top range of products that we supply. In our opinion Yorkshire is an incredible county and is home to some of the best food producers in the world. We therefore make every attempt, being in the heart of Yorkshire, to provide the most locally sourced products that there are and have many local co-operative suppliers, as well as of course our very own Waterford Farm livestock. There are also some incredible suppliers throughout the county, country and globally and we at R&J appreciate this and the quality that is available. In order to maintain the QCN that our customers have come to expect we have extended our supply chain in order to meet demand and to continue to produce consistently high quality meat 365 days each year. All of our cooperative farms and suppliers are selected based on their high standards of quality and welfare, many from acquaintances built up over several decades, with the added advantage of their own expertise. As a result of the livestock being accustomed to human contact this minimises the stress involved in livestock transportation. None of the livestock are sent on long, stressful journeys and both R&J and all our cooperative members use only carefully-selected abattoirs close to the location of the farm.
When re-branding our company in 2011, after a lot of deliberation, we unanimously made the addition of Yorkshires Finest to be part of our name for a number of reasons. Born and bred in the Dales, we believe that Yorkshire is one of the greatest counties in England. Since 1978 when R&J was established we have aimed to produce the finest; quality, consistency throughout and no compromise. Do not be under any misconceptions as Yorkshires Finest is not only part of our company name but very much our business ethos delivering top quality produce from our family run factory and farm in Kirkby Malzeard, North Yorkshire.
 We pride ourselves on the products and service that we provide to our customers and shall continue to do so as a result of our long standing commitment to quality and therefore being a reliable, trustworthy supplier to many.

If you are wanting the Finest of ingredients to add to your menu, look no further than R&J.



If you would be interested in becoming one of our cooperative farmers and you believe the standard of your produce will meet our requirements, please contact Managing Director, Robert, and request a Cooperative Supplier Application Form.
Tel: 01765 658611 Email: rob@randjyorkshiresfinest.co.uk
Beyond the boundaries of Yorkshire we also have an incredible supply chain and network of producers and suppliers that we have developed over the last three decades which we can rely upon undoubtedly for quality and consistency. Some of these include the world leaders in organic veal from the Netherlands, well renowned duck from France and E and U grade beef from Ireland.