• From Our Farms

    From Our Farms

    to your plate. Only the finest produce makes it way to you...
  • Robert’s Purchases

    Robert’s Purchases

    Some of the very best lamb in the country. What he doesn't know about livestock isn't worth knowing...
  • The ‘A’ Team

    The ‘A’ Team

    Robert, Jo, Ryan and Kate Atkinson - proud, passionate, and dedicated as always.
  • With over 500 years of combined experience and knowledge,

    With over 500 years of combined experience and knowledge,

    our butchers can offer traditional butchery to modern day seem cuts - never a problem...
  • Our Carcass Hanging Hall

    Our Carcass Hanging Hall

    A rare sight for many, but by far the best method for natural tenderisation
  • We take pride in every order

    We take pride in every order

    and strive to produce all our meat to the highest standards
  • Our Signature Range

    Our Signature Range

    Yorkshire's Finest Steaks from our farm cattle...
  • Robert and Ryan

    Robert and Ryan

    hand selecting carcasses for all our customers...
  • Mike Allen

    Mike Allen

    One of our cooperative farmers from Whitby with his pedigree Beltex lambs

Yorkshire’s Finest Catering Butchers

Yorkshire’s Finest Catering Butchers

We have been supplying some of the choicest fresh meats and poultry in the north of England from our farm in the Yorkshire Dales for more than 30 years. Our customers include chefs at some of the finest restaurants across the region.

Here at R&J, we pride ourselves on quality. All our animals graze freely in open pastures, an approach which is not only much kinder to the animals but which also produces the highest quality meats, rich in flavour.

That is the way we farm, and that is the way we will always farm.

R&J customers expect the best and we have been striving for more than three decades to ensure that the best is just what they receive.