Chicken is one of the great staples of the modern western diet and there can be little doubt that this hardy bird has suffered as a result, falling victim to a range of fiercely intensive farming practices focused entirely on quantity at the expense of both quality and animal welfare. Here at R&J we have never been interested in the cheap and mass produced – and our chicken is no exception.

Our QCN policy is no less for poultry, with quality always being at the center of our business. Our poultry range is topped by The Signature Range Grade A poultry sourced from Yorkshire; these are free to roam and feed as they wish, with access to the outdoors. We also supply English barn-reared and corn-fed poultry along with top quality Continental corn-fed and the more traditional range, from renowned specialists in their field. They all receive a nutritious diet and are guaranteed to be free from any form of intensive farming methods

We  only deal with reputable suppliers that we can guarantee and rely on for 100% traceability.

This natural lifestyle, free from the stresses and strains of intensive farming, results in the healthiest birds and chicken with a distinctive tang and flavour entirely absent from the cheaper varieties.

Of course, there is more to poultry than chicken!

When it comes to turkey, undoubtedly the chef’s most popular choice is our Signature Range Turkey sourced from a family farm in North Yorkshire, where all the birds enjoy high welfare standards. The succulence and taste of this meat is taken to a whole new level due to the care and attention in the rearing and farming of these birds. Other premium ranges are available.

Meanwhile, our duck is made up of three ranges; the world renowned French Duck delivered fresh weekly, the most popular Gressingham Duck, never known to disappoint and the Yorkshire sourced Signature Range Duck from a family run duck farm with generations of expertise in their field.

Other birds in our exclusive poultry range include Quail, Guinea Fowl, Poussin, Grade A Geese and Free Range or Corn Fed varieties of all Chickens. All guaranteed to be of the very best quality and sourced from suppliers who specialise in their field.