R&J began life as a cattle farm and beef still remains at the heart of our product offering.
As one of the leading Catering Butchers in the country, we offer two top quality ranges of produce; our Premium Range and our Signature Range.

Both of these ranges are made up of ‘100% Clean Cattle’. We specialise in Limousin and Charolais, two continental breeds renowned for their generous muscle-to-bone ratio, as well as their richly marbled meat. As every chef knows, the fat quotient of meat is a vital element of its flavour.

We want happy and healthy cattle, not only because we believe in kindness to our animals but also because strong and stress-free cattle produce the best-tasting beef. We have always shunned intensive farming practices. All our cattle at Waterford Farm graze freely in natural open pastures for as long as twelve months, in start contrast to the fleeting five months or so of forced feeding to which intensively reared cattle are subjected.

We even hand-feed our herds specially blended cakes made from wheat, maize, barley and peas. This ration improves their health and the quality of their meat, but also helps them to become accustomed to the human company they will encounter on their journey to the abattoir.

In addition to Charolais and Limousin, members of our cooperative farmers and suppliers provide us with some traditional English breeds, enabling us to provide rare breed beef including Dexter and Hereford to our customers.

All the beef from our Premium Range is aged for twenty one to thirty days and is supplied by a range of top quality suppliers.  Our entirely bespoke Signature Range is traditionally hung on the bone for a minimum of thirty days for maximum flavour and tenderness.