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The Signature Range

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  • R&J-signature-sirloin-joint

    2.7kg Signature Sirloin Joint (Pack of 1)

    Sirloin, as the name suggests, is taken from the loin of the animal. Beautiful if cooked as a steak but equally as good if roasted. Easy to carve with minimal wastage, maximum effect and an abundance of tasty tenderness.

    Pack weight to range between 2.5-2.8kg

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  • R&J-signature-topside-joint

    2.7kg Signature Topside Joint (Pack of 1)

    A beautiful, succulent roasting joint taken from the hind quarter of the animal. Ideal for a longer, slower style roast to give super cylindrical slices of hearty roast beef.

    Pack weight to range between 2.5-2.8kg.

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