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  • Minced Turkey (500g Pack)

    Minced Turkey is a mixture of both light and dark meat taken from both thigh and drumstick.

    It is a very versatile product that can be used to replace beef mince in recipes such as lasagne and chilli for an alternative flavour. As well as rolling beautifully into stuffing balls for your Christmas feast.

    Pack weight to ranges between 490-510g

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  • Turkey Escalope 7oz (Pack of 2)

    Our Turkey Escalope is lean, healthy and easy to cook.

    Perfect for you to dip in a beaten egg, coat in flour, bread crumbs and enjoy – Delicious!!

    Pack weight ranges between 350 – 450g

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  • Lamb Breast Boned & Rolled (Pack of 2)

    A real Lamb Lovers treat.

    This lamb joint is made up of the brisket and flank of lamb, conveniently boned and rolled.

    We recommend you cook this joint low and slow.

    A very popular, beautiful alternative roast for Sunday.

    Pack weight ranges between 1.5-1.9kg.

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  • Pork Tomahawk Steaks (Pack of 2)

    “This cut of pork is an absolute treat!! “

    The Pork Tomahawk Steak is a pork loin chop with some of the rich and succulent belly left on.

    Sold with the rind on to retain the juiciness during cooking.

    A stunning pork cut.

    Pack weight ranges between 830- 970g.

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  • 8oz Picanha Steaks (Pack of 2)

    Picanha is a cut of beef that is popular in Brazil, adopted by Portugal and now at Yorkshire’s Finest too!

    You might also know it as a Rump Cap or a Culotte steak. Cook in a hot cast iron pan, searing the fat side first to let it render.

    A beautiful alternative 8oz Steak treat.

    Pack weight ranges between 420- 450g.

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  • Beef Fillet Medallions (Pack of 6)

    Tender, succulent and full of flavour, packed into a 3oz medallion.

    Pan fry and rest these little beauties for a totally melt in the mouth experience.

    Pack weight ranges from 450-550g

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  • Yorkshire’s Finest Beef Meatballs (Pack of 16)

    The classic Italian Beef Meatball with our very own Yorkshire’s Finest twist.

    A very versatile product that works well served in a rich tomato sauce and spaghetti.

    Allergen information contains Gluten and Sulphites.

    Pack weight ranges between 550-700g

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  • Yorkshire’s Finest Lamb Meatballs (Pack of 16)

    Simple, delicious and very family friendly.

    Great alternative meatball that serves well along side garlic mash potato and roasted vegetables.

    Allergen information contains gluten and sulphites.

    Pack weight ranges between 550-700g.

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