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  • Bistecca alla Fiorentina

    Ok this is a real treat, but who doesn’t love a good native breed barbecued steak. On sale for a limited time only.

    This cut is inspired by the Italian cut from Florence aka Bistecca alla Fiorentina. The steak cut became popular in the Medici era and were sought after by the British in the 19th century. We have decided to introduce this amazing steak, offering you a chance to escape on holiday via the miracle of food, wine and good company.

    The beef used comes from one of our Longhorn cattle raised here at Waterford Farm. These native breed produce an amazing Florentine steak, thanks to their fat content and T-bone structure.

    These prime cuts are suited to fast, direct methods of cooking such as, barbecuing, and are best served rare to medium rare, with each steak feeding 2 very hungry folk or 3 less hungry soles.

    Preheat a barbecue or grill to high.

    Place onto the hot grill and cook for 3-5 minutes before turning and cooking for a further 3-5 minutes. You can stand these steaks on the bone for a further 2-3 minutes to cook.

    For a perfect medium rare the steak should be 40°C in the centre. If you prefer your steak a little more cooked, simply move to a cooler part of the grill and cook for a further few minutes.

    Pack weight approximately 1.5kg

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    Butterflied Leg of Lamb

    A butterflied leg of lamb on the barbecue is probably one of the nicest, easiest and generous cuts to barbecue. The lamb legs have been aged in our Salt chamber aiding the texture of this lamb. We have not marinated these cuts, instead we have intrusted you the home cooks to do so as you please!

    To cook this leg of lamb on a barbecue, do so by placing it directly over the hot coals and leave for a few minutes to get some colour. Flip the lamb over to colour the other side. Once browned, move it to the side of the barbecue with no coals and cook for 18-20 minutes, turning often and adding any marinade.

    1.3- 1.5 kg

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  • Picanha Steaks

    Picanha is a cut of beef that is popular in Brazil, and works really well on a barbecue! The steaks can handle some heat in terms of flavouring, so grab a cocktail and getting cooking!

    You might also know it as a Rump Cap or a Culotte steak.

    A beautiful alternative 8oz Steak treat.

    Pack of 2. Pack weight ranges between 420- 450g.

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  • Spatchcocked Yorkshire’s Finest Poulard

    Everyone loves chicken, but more often than not; the wings, or legs you buy for the barbecue are not the best quality. As such we recommend you try and cook a whole chicken on the barbecue guaranteeing the providence and as such the welfare of the bird.

    These large chickens are perfect for 6 of you to share. Our free range slow grown chickens come from fine Yorkshire grass pastures, raised to the best possible standard over 90 plus days.

    We have spatchcocked these chickens for you; enabling you to simply, or extravagantly marinate these pre-cooking on the barbecue.

    • To cook on a barbecue: cook for 5 mins each side in the centre, then draw aside to the edges to cook on a gentler heat. Turn regularly. Baste in between with beer or water. To check that it’s cooked through, pierce with a knife between the thighs and breast bone: the flesh should be white and firm.

     Remove from the heat and leave to rest, covered with foil, for 10-15 mins. Cut into portions and enjoy!

    Any left overs make great salads

    Typical weight range 2.5-3kg

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  • The Nidd Sausage

    The river Nidd runs through the famous valley and region we’re based in; Nidderdale. Each spring and summer, we collect wild garlic to add to specifics dishes.

    This week we have been walking along the river Nidd and this wild garlic is directly from those river bank edges, it is handpicked each morning making sure we identify each stem, and then washed, blanched, washed again and then added to our free range pork shoulder. Next we add a pinch of chilli, salt and pepper and that’s it!

    Simplicity, nature and providence is all that is needed to create this amazing barbecue friendly and rather large sausage.

    Available until they have gone.

    Pack contains 6 sausages. Pack weight ranges between 920g – 1000g.

    Allergen information – contains gluten and sulphites.

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    Grass-Fed Lamb Cutlets

    French-trimmed, chunky cut, lamb cutlets are a melt-in-the-mouth option for a delicious dinner or lunch. These are quick cooking, and are made from top-quality, grass-fed lamb. Try on a barbecue for a delicious crust or pan fried!

    Pack of 6.

    Weight ranges between 520 – 570g.

    Our recommended cooking instructions:
    Allow to come to room temperature, seal the fat and the two sides in a hot pan. Finish in the oven at 180C for 15mins for Medium. Allow to rest and enjoy.

    Quality, British lamb is renowned for its succulence. We specialise in two particular lamb breeds; Texal, from the Netherlands, and a Belgian variant breed called Beltex. Both breeds are renowned for their outstanding muscle yield, fat ratio and flavoursome meat.

    We really care about our animals, and our lambs enjoy happy, healthy lives grazing on fresh grass and we buy them live from farmers in our cooperative. All our lamb is hung for a minimum of ten days so our customers receive the perfectly tender meat they rightly expect and deserve.

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  • Himalayan Salt Aged Porter House (Pack of 2)

    Melt in the mouth steak!! These are magnificent, tender bone in Sirloin Steaks taken from the loin of the animal.

    Each Porter House has a section of rib bone present meaning you get all the incredible flavour during the cooking. A great outer layer of soft beef fat which will render down during cooking giving incredible beefiness, succulence and pleasure.

    Pack weight ranges between 950 – 1050g.

  • 480g Salt Aged T-bone (Pack of 1)

    A true hearty steak which gives you the best of both worlds. Not only do you get to cook beef on the bone, giving enhanced flavours but you also get a combination of super tender Fillet nestled on one side of the steak with mouth-watering Sirloin sat adjacent.

  • 880g Salt Aged Tomahawk (Pack of 1)

    This is the latest in-trend steak which is perfect as a sharing steak or as a single serving for the true meat lover. The steak talks for itself; bone in, heavily marbled and truly delicious!

    Pack weight to range between 850- 900g

  • 680g Salt Aged Cote de Boeuf (Pack of 1)

    This is French terminology for Rib of Beef. A perfect steak choice for those who like to cook their steaks on the bone and enjoy beautiful flavours.


  • Yorkshire’s Finest Meaty Pork Spare Ribs (Pack of 4)

    These stunning meaty ribs are taken from the belly pork where the rind has been removed. Carefully portioned into incredibly tasty meaty strips they are ideal for marinating or cooking on the BBQ.

    Pack weight to range between 1.2-1.4kg

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    8oz Salt Aged Rump Steak (Pack of 2)

    Rump is typically made up of three muscle groups and is often regarded as the tastiest steak. A real winning steak if cooked on the BBQ.

    Pack weight to range between 430-470g

    Our recommended cooking instructions:
    Allow to come to room temperature. Heat the pan to red hot. Place the steak carefully into the pan and cook for 1.5mins on each side for medium rare. Remove and rest for about 10 minutes then enjoy.

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