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We supply a wide range of poultry here at R&J Yorkshire’s Finest Farmers and Butchers.

Chicken is one of the great staples of the modern western diet. There can be little doubt that this hardy bird has suffered as a result. Here at R&J we have never been interested in the cheap and mass produced – and our chicken is no exception.

When it comes to turkey and duck, undoubtedly the most popular choice is our Signature Range. Sourced from a family farm in North Yorkshire, all the birds here enjoy high welfare standards. The succulence and taste of this meat is taken to a whole new level due to the care and attention in the rearing and farming of these birds.

Other birds in our exclusive poultry range include Quail, Guinea Fowl, Poussin, Grade A Geese and Free Range or Corn Fed varieties of all Chickens. All guaranteed to be of the very best quality and sourced from suppliers who specialise in their field.