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We are proud of the lamb that we supply and sell. Quality lamb is renowned for its succulence and you can’t get more succulent than ours.

We specialise in the supply of two particular breeds; Texal, from the Netherlands, and a Belgian variant breed called Beltex. Both breeds are renowned for their outstanding muscle yield, fat ratio and flavoursome meat.

When it comes to looking after our animals, their welfare and happiness is our utmost priority. Our grass-fed lambs enjoy happy lives grazing on fresh, lush pastures, and we buy them live from farmers in our cooperative.

They’re also hung for a minimum of ten days so our customers receive the perfectly tender meat they rightly expect.

We have a huge range of different products, perfect for midweek meals, roasting joints for Sunday lunch and Easter, or even something for firing up the grill. Our Luxury British Lamb Box is the perfect purchase to try a variety of different products we have, or you can go for our stunning cuts such as cutlets,  chops or even Lamb Henry.

We also use top-quality ingredients to produce beautiful, flavoured products too, such as our minted lamb burgers, spiced koftas, or our honey and mint rump.

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