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Our Declaration To You

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Our promise to you:

At R&J Yorkshire’s Finest we pride ourselves on providing top quality produce. There is no compromise and as such we only source our meat from ‘clean cattle’. This is a term that many people may be unfamiliar with but it simply means livestock bred purely for the beef industry.

R&J are proud to emphasise that we supply beef heifers and steers bred purely for the meat industry. A great attention to detail has been made throughout their lives in terms of their muscle conformation and welfare. This therefore produces the most tender and flavoursome final product to be served onto the plate.

The growing pressures on the meat industry leads to a vast price range and wide variety of products available. We understand that price is important in this economic climate but it has never been truer that ‘you get what you pay for’.

Full trace-ability is available to ALL customers, on request, giving a transparent picture of every stage from birth to butchering.

Quality, consistency and no compromise – very much part of our ethos.

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