The A Team

We like to think of everyone here at R&J as the A(tkinson) Team! It is their daily efforts and dedication to the cause that help to keep our customers coming back, year after year.
Robert Atkinson – Managing Director

These days Co-founder and Managing Director Robert Atkinson takes overall responsibility for buying and looking after the livestock we keep here at Waterford House Farm. R & J began as a retailer of fine beef and our Limousin and Charolais herds could not be more important to us.




Jo Atkinson – Managing Director

When Co-founder and joint Managing Director Jo Atkinson is not ensuring the efficient running of the accounts department, her love of livestock takes her out onto the farm to support her husband Robert.





Ryan Atkinson – General Manager

General Manager Ryan, son of Rob and Jo, joined the team back in 2003 and since then business has truly boomed. His enthusiasm, energy and rapport with the chefs at leading restaurants across the region has taken R & J Yorkshires Finest Farmers & Butchers into a whole new era.

“We are very proud of him and our business can only go from strength to strength,” note Robert and Jo.



Michael Scruton – Office Manager

Mike has now been part of the ‘A Team’ for a few years now and is a familiar voice to many of our customers. He deals with the day to day customer and supplier invoices working closely with Jo to ensure the smooth running of the Accounts Department.

Michael has been a family friend for many years.



Paul Todd – Factory Manager

Paul joined the R & J team back in 2008 and now as Factory Manager plays a key role. Initially starting out as a ‘Company Ambassador of the Steering Wheel’, his dedication and passion for the food industry soon became apparent. He now works very closely alongside Ryan to help with the smooth day to day running of producing Yorkshire’s Finest.




Kate Atkinson – Human Resources & Business Development Manager

Kate, Ryan’s wife, joined the team in 2014 and has been working towards making the factory run more efficiently and helping to drive the team forward. From meeting customers to recruiting, she is assisting in the day to day running of R & J in order to be Yorkshires Finest Farmers & Butchers.



The Butchery Team

The R & J cutting plant is the smoothest of smooth-running operations, thanks to the skill of our 12- strong butchery team. Fully trained and dedicated, some have been on the team for more than 25 years!



 The Driving Team

Our produce is delivered direct to you, the customer, by our friendly team of experienced drivers. We like to think of them as ‘Ambassadors of the Steering Wheel’ who will deliver your orders with as much care and attention as it took to produce them in the first place. Our drivers will be more than happy to help with any queries and also act as point of contact to ensure enquiries are always addressed.