• Our Signature Range – Waterford Farm

    Our Signature Range – Waterford Farm

    It is a measure of the value we place on the quality of our signature range that every packet is stamped with the name of our own home.

Signature Salt Aged Beef

Five years ago Rob re-acquainted himself with an old family friend. Over a pint or two and plenty of farming chat comparing the pastures of North Yorkshire to that of County Leitrim innovative business ideas were born. This reunited friendship was the start of something very special and the Salt Age began for the teamR & J Salt Chamber at R & J Yorkshire’s Finest Farmers & Butchers…


With the passion and drive of Rob, Jo and Ryan research was carried out into this incredible new venture, from the optimal livestock through to the importing of salt blocks direct from the Himalayan mountains. Himalayan Salt is the purest salt in the world, renowned for its health benefits however it is only recently that it has developed into an incredible aid for Dry Aging Beef. The salt acts to purify the air, removes the moisture and under strict temperature controlled conditions alters the humidity to provide the optimum conditions to make our revolutionary Signature Salt Aged Beef Range.

Three aspects were at the forefront; exceptionally high welfare conditions, a 100% guarantee of clean cattle and a finishing EUROP score of no less than U-4L.
After many hours of discussions, research and trial runs it became apparent that not just any beef was fit for salt aging, it had to be what Rob would refer to as a ‘thick heifer’. The cattle are reared naturally from a specific gene pool meaning they have advantageous genetics for producing top quality finishing heifers with perfect conformation specifically for our salt aging need. Through a long selective process the cattle are now being produced that provide a magnificent finished product at approximately 28 months of age.
Cattle at WaterfordThe Salt Chamber has been working its magic since April 2015 on beef carcasses and primal joints. As of the middle of June we started to despatch our elite Yorkshires Finest Signature Range giving restaurants across the region the opportunity to savour the flavour of our R & J Signature Salt Aged Range.
The feedback has been tremendous from chefs and fine diners alike saying that they have never tasted beef as good. Some believe that when we provide such an outstanding Signature Range, regarded as our connoisseur’s choice, why try to better it. We have never been a company to stand still and never will be. Having dotted the i’s and crossed the t’s we really have managed to take our Signature Range to the next level.
To concrete this even more we are pushing the boundaries with Salt Aged Beef with some joints that have now been aging in our R & J Salt Chamber for in excess of three months. There are a limited number of butchers in the world able to provide Himalayan Salt Aged Beef anyway but one thing we do know is that we have Yorkshire’s Finest!