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We at R & J Yorkshire’s Finest Farmers & Butchers pride ourselves on being one of few butchers in the country that still have our very own livestock farm. This morning, as with most Monday mornings, above we can see Rob Atkinson, one of the Managing Directors of R & J who established the business in 1978, taking great pride and care over the Waterford Farm Cattle setting off from Kirkby Malzeard and delivering them direct to the local abattoir. With the cattle being accustomed to Rob handling and feeding them this causes far less stress to the animals with Rob loading, transporting and unloading them at the other end. We also ensure that the highest of welfare conditions are adhered to on the journey to the abattoir in our cattle trailer with adequate space for a small number and therefore reducing the amounts of adrenalin in their blood on their short journey improving animal welfare as well as minimising any detrimental effects on the quality of meat that we have become renowned for producing over nearly 40 years. We have so much involvement in the rearing of our livestock which is just one more reason why we believe that we are Yorkshire’s Finest Farmers & Butchers.


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