Bacon & Burgers

We pride ourselves on our beef, lamb & pork, but having no less importance on our company policies to quality, we also provide an exciting range of other key products including bacons, gammons and homemade burgers.
All our bacon range is fully prepared within Yorkshire and includes rind less back, centre cut rind less back, streaky, smoked and our own exclusive Yorkshire Dry Cured, most certainly one of the best. In addition to bacons, we supply a full range of Yorkshire gammons, hand cut gammon steaks or even bacon loin valentines etc.

If you fancy a quick and easy dinner or even a BBQ at the weekend, why not try our homemade burgers? We prepare weekly a full range of burgers to different sizes and recipes including prime beef steak and black pepper, cajun spiced chicken or beef, lamb, honey and garden mint any many more. Only the leanest of meats are used with the addition of natural ingredients and then pressed to order by one of our longest standing team members, Trevor of almost 30 years. You could say, ‘he knows a thing or two about his profession’. If you have a particular recipe, please do not hesitate to contact us.