• Our Signature Range – Waterford Farm

    Our Signature Range – Waterford Farm

    It is a measure of the value we place on the quality of our signature range that every packet is stamped with the name of our own home.

Our Signature Range

Running in conjunction with our quality Premium Range is the connoisseur’s choice:

The Waterford Farm Signature Range

The Signature Range is as unique as R&J itself, produced to a standard we have evolved over the last 36 years since the company was founded. No government-defined standard comes close.

Every product in the range bares The Waterford Farm seal of approval, both the beef reared on our own pastures and the high end meats supplied by the carefully selected members of our cooperative. What better name for our Signature Range than that of our own home. Due to the high demands of The Signature Range the produce comes from our own pastures and carefully selected suppliers. This is as a result of working with close acquaintances within the industry, who are as equally focused with regards to animal welfare, muscle conformation and overall quality that we can trust and rely upon. Waterford Farm is the flagship to our cooperative and we are specialists in the fattening and finishing of Yorkshires Finest beef and lamb. Due to our unrivalled knowledge of the finishing of livestock we work incredibly closely with our producers enabling us to extend the product range to include pork, duck, chicken, turkey and game.  It is a measure of the value we place on the quality of our Signature Range that every product is stamped with the name of our own home.


R&J is almost unique in taking delivery of our Signature Range meats in carcass form or bone-in primals. This extends throughout our full species offering, not only including the much talked about Signature Beef, that we offer as a company, but also lamb, pork, duck, chicken, turkey, game and other ranges. The Signature Range is a continuing development in order to provide the finest of products. A true reflection of this can be seen in the last few years with 2011 seeing the introduction of our Signature Range Turkey from Pollards, 2012 with Signature Range Game from the Dent family and most recently in 2013 the Signature Range Duck from Mathisons.

Our secondary specialism, to the finishing of Waterford Farm livestock, is the complex understanding of all species of meats that we offer and how to obtain the best flavour. All meats are hung on the bone or matured for a finely-tuned length of time in order to guarantee the rich flavour and tenderness that our customers have come to expect.

Another distinctive feature of The Signature Range is our insistence on the use of the most local abattoirs to the farms where the livestock resides, in order to avoid subjecting the animals to an unnecessary amount of stress.

If you are a farmer or supplier proud of the quality of your produce, you may be interested in joining the R&J cooperative and supplying meats for The Signature Range.

To find out more, please contact Ryan Atkinson on 01765 658611.

All potential members of the R&J cooperative must meet strict quality and welfare criteria.

1) All produce sold under this brand is sourced from Waterford Farm or other very carefully selected suppliers,
2) Each animal for their entire life has been cared for to the highest of welfare standards and fed on a natural diet to ensure maximum taste,
3) Each animal has been allowed to naturally open pasture graze, free roam or fly and never been intensively farmed,
4) Each animal has been humanly slaughtered in EU approved premises or shot in its natural environment,
5) Each product has been aged, matured or hung on the bone, where applicable, for the most desired length of time,
6) Each product has been carefully butchered by highly skilled professionals to ensure quality and consistency,

7) And finally presented to the highest of standards and delivered by our own fleet of refrigerated vehicles