• 100% Clean Cattle

Our Declaration To You

R&J Yorkshires Finest pride themselves on providing top quality produce for the finest eating establishments throughout the region. There is no compromise and as such we only source our meat from ‘clean cattle,’ a term that many of you may be unfamiliar with.

‘Clean cattle’ are livestock that have been bred purely for the beef industry. Our chefs can trust us as a supplier of ‘clean cattle.’ It is not cheap second rated, aged dairy cattle past their optimum milk yield nor is it bull beef after they have served their breeding life. R&J have great pleasure in emphasising that we supply beef heifers and steers bred purely for the meat industry. Therefore a great attention to detail has been made throughout their lives in terms of their muscle conformation, welfare and producing the most tender, flavoursome final product to be served onto the plate.

With the growing pressures on the meat industry today there is a wide variety of meat available and consequently a vast range of prices.

We realise price is a continuing issue in this economic climate however it has never been more true that you get what you pay for.

We are one of the very few catering butchers in this country who have our own farm, producing some of our very own Signature Range beef and lamb. Full traceability is easily provided to ALL customers, on request, allowing a transparent picture of every stage from birth, rearing, slaughter and cutting.


All products sold by R & J are always fully labelled in accordance to RPA legislation, clearly identifying all of the following for every product: Product name and description, weight or unit of sale, use by date, recommended storage temperature, fresh or frozen state, batch code, Julian date code, Born in Country, Reared in Country, Slaughtered in Country and Cut in Country.

Every other product sold through R & J that is not sourced from our own farm is guaranteed at least one of the following:

  • Purchased directly from one of our cooperative farmers who all follow very strict agricultural guidelines to be an approved supplier of R & J.
  • Purchased by Robert Atkinson as live animals either direct from the farm or local livestock auction mart, guaranteeing quality and consistency week after week.
  • Purchased from trustworthy, reputable suppliers who operate to EU legislation regarding health, hygiene and animal welfare.


As British Farmers & Butchers ourselves, we are proud to support other British Farmers by purchasing and supplying their produce knowingly regulated by some of the highest standards in the world.

As Catering Butchers:

  • We do not source and sell any form of beef, lamb or pork that is sourced outside of the British Isles.
  • We never purchase pre-processed beef, lamb or pork and guarantee to carry out all forms or processing i.e. mincing in house under constant supervision from MD, GM or factory manager.
  • We only ever use single species in any form of processed products (i.e. sausages), unless specifically requested.
  • We never accept Non-Conforming products nor allow R & J to be subject to contamination of non-compliances.

All minced products, further processed products and sausages/burgers are produced in accordance with FSA legislation in purpose built, approved and licenced EU facilities with food hygiene, health and safety and due diligence to the highest of standards at all times.